The quality of the care is critical to your child’s wellbeing, identity and sense of belonging. This quality must permeate all aspects of the environment, program and interactions with adults and other children and be actively responsive to the variety of needs, interests and abilities of all children.

We believe that the early childhood years are a unique and crucial stage in the child’s life. Each individual child should be provided with the opportunity, through play, to grow in all developmental areas at their own rate in order to reach their highest potential.

The program provided to your child should support and welcome them to feel comfortable while in care, encourage individuality, diversity and contributions and provide continuity of care practices, resources and input from the child’s family.

We believe by learning through play, not only solitary but with others, children learn to solve their problems, increase their knowledge, skills and confidence and explore their environment.
Day to day occurrences offer opportunities for children to develop skills such as managing their own behaviour and feelings positively, listening to others, sharing resources and ideas and resolving conflict through compromise and guidance.

Every child is inherently worthy of nurture and should be understood in the context of their age, culture and day to day experience of the world. Behavioural strategies include positive guidance, clear boundaries and immediate consequences (such as following through on agreements and guidance strategies) and starting each day fresh and new. This commitment is careful in recognising individual needs as well as respecting, valuing and making provision for the cultural diversity of all children.