We believe:

  1. Children are powerful and curious learners. We foster this by providing an inquiry rich play based environment. Together we will nurture and respect all children, building on their unique strengths and abilities and being inclusive of all families by valuing each family’s diversity. This fosters children’s motivation to learn and reinforces their sense of themselves as competent learners
  2. If we provide an environment that allows children to feel safe and secure this will encourage them to take risks in their learning and help them develop resilience for life’s challenges
  3. In developing a strong sense of community by establishing links and accessing support services within our local area. We seek to strengthen partnerships and build relationships by actively participating in local events.
  4. Children make sense of their world through play based experiences that are meaningful to them. By involving them in the decisions we make, by listening, acknowledging and valuing who they are right now, it allows us to scaffold and build on their learning
  5. In recognising and acknowledging the Gunaikurnai people, the local traditional owners of this land and we are committed to providing learning experiences that reflect the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture.’ Non Indigenous cultures are promoted in the same way. Everyone is encouraged to be proud of who they are and to share and celebrate their cultures and family values.
  6. The relationships which children make with other children and with adults are of vital importance to their development. As educators we will provide opportunities for children to interact and communicate in a supportive manner that allows them to develop and build on their emerging social skills.
  7. That our service is a valuable community resource and as such we are committed to ensuring each child in Yarram and the surrounding district is offered a kindergarten placement in the year before school. We are also committed to providing a service that is high quality, accessible, flexible and responsive to community needs. Feedback and involvement are actively encouraged.
  8. That it is the parent’s role as the child’s first and most influential educator and encourage their involvement in our centre and their input into the development of our programs and philosophy. Children thrive when we work together to build a trusting partnership.
  9. In supporting our educators to value their own learning and improve their practices and education through sound orientation practises, encouraging critical reflection, and providing training and mentoring.
  10. The Guiding Principles of the National Quality Framework, Belonging, Being and Becoming: The Early Years Learning Framework for Australia and the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework are embedded within our program. Our teaching is intentional. We focus on the process, we give children the freedom to explore, investigate, experience, interact and discover. To learn about new things, people, cultures, inclusiveness, sustainability, the environment and technology.Please Note: Yarram Early Learning Philosophy is a shared statement that evolves according to the beliefs and values that are collectively held by Yarram Early Learning staff and families. On an annual basis YELC staff and parents are given the opportunity to review the statement and changes made if deemed appropriate.